Come sit with me, let's visit

Come sit with me, let's visit

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is your Brain

I have mentioned the brain several times in this blog, and today I am going to talk about it exclusively. I will try not to get too technical as I know far more than I want to, I shall try to stay in the realm of the comprehensible.

The brain is a interesting thing, it keeps memories, emotions and physical abilities all tied up in its little electrical lines. Imagine millions of connections that tell you that the stove is hot, don't touch it: the husband is in trouble, and he's getting a butt chewing; and that (fill in the blank) is intellectually stimulating, and I want to know more.

This leaves us with a few different brains. Or brain behaviors.

Primal Brain, think of a baby cold, wet and hungry. This baby would scream - quite a lot. It also is the food, clothing, shelter brain. When you are afraid, it causes you to flee or fight. It insists that chocolate is your friend and there is no such thing as a frienemy. It gives you your gut instinct that the person you just met is not that cool. It doesn't give you any excuses for not being attracted to someone (like, the fact that you're married). It doesn't rationalize your budget or what the Jones' think. It is pure WANT. And pure NEED.

Mom Brain, think of the eyes in the back of your head (this, by no means is restricted to females). This is the brain that keeps you from getting thrown up on at the last second. Knowing when baby is really sick, versus just a cold. What that babble nonsense no one but you understands. It also makes you do things you would never do with an adult (make kissy sounds to entertain baby, not think twice about chasing that booger nose to it's source with a piece of plastic). It tends to work too long, if you were to ask some adults. Mom Brain, once established, doesn't go far. Those of you that have doted over random individuals that are sick, or hungry or emotionally upset, will know what I mean.

Medical Brain, this is what all medical folks should have. That isn't what Grandma has after her stroke, it's an ability to organize the tremendous volume of information that comes with learning medicine. Either the specialty of hematology (the study of blood), or pharmacology (the study of medications), geriatrics, pediatrics, odontology (teeth) or some mini version of all (paramedic). It also begins to automatically translate what a lay-person means in latin when they talk about Uncle Westley's leg wound getting all gross and gooey. Medical Brain is what happens when you find yourself thinking in latin terms pretty much constantly.

Any of these could be altered slightly for any person's life style (Teacher Brain, Doggie Brain, Crafter's Brain). But primarily they are all just a matter how we teach ourselves and interact with the world. Primal Brain doesn't go anywhere, we all WANT.

Today, I WANT to thank you for reading this to the end. Have a great day.

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