Come sit with me, let's visit

Come sit with me, let's visit

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Split Day

It is still early, this could all spiral out of control in a mere second. So I write this thinking it is a Good/Bad day.

I have a honey-do list. Lawyer, Everclear (we will get back to that in a second), creditors, shrink, doctor, and the ever present yard duties (or 'doodies' as today's task will be called. I have completed most of these tasks and will be headed out to the liquor store then the lawn when I finish here.

The last few days have been full of tears and moods and manic behaviors (cleaning the baseboards, for goodness sake, and painting flowers on the door frames to the kitchen). I am running from my lover. He knows, he sees, he lets me spin endlessly and then he is there when I stop, breathing heavily and reeling. He holds me and says he loves me and that he knows he is part of the problem, but will be here for ALL the resolution. No matter what. I called the shrink to let him know the meds may not be working the way he thinks they should, if he leaves me out here, I am in trouble. Because this has to change.

There is a cold running through my house, adults, teens and baby all sick. About 12 years ago, I met a wonderfully unusual person. She taught me the 'magic' in stones. She taught me the medicine in herbs. She gave me the secret to killing any cold. Most of the time, I had some steeping and waiting for the next bug to come into the house, and make everyone sick. What was taking 2-3 weeks for everyone else to recover from, took a week or so to get over--even the lingering cough.

This magic potion is in the herb Osha (not to be confused with the Safety folks). It is hard to come by, and MUST sit in a bottle of Everclear for a month, at least, to be effective. Drain off the liquid, throw away the smelly herb- and take a dropper full. Tastes like nasty bitter licorice. Works better than anything on the shelf at Walgreen's.

This wonderful concoction is finally steeping in my dark cupboard. Good Day. Gotta deal with a few legal issues. Bad Day. Rake the yard. Good Day. Nap pending my signing off today.

Overall, good day.

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