Come sit with me, let's visit

Come sit with me, let's visit

Monday, July 28, 2014


I have jumped into overhaul mode. Must be time. I moved into a house a few years ago that has character. Established character. It spoke to me the day I walked in and saw the previous owners creations all over the house. She used gourds and seed pods dried flowers and wood as her medium. The house was full of painted, carved, stained and shiny shellacked bits of all sizes and shapes. She made lamps, tables, wreaths. The house was stuffed to the brim with artsy things.

The front yard is a southwestern hardscape. It is not UNattractive. I just am no fan of rocks instead of greens.  Take out the cactus' that are pretty, but rude. I like cactus. I do NOT like it in my yard. It is not a friendly plant. Ask my daughter. I don't know how she did it. But the dog came to the house for help one afternoon, many years ago. She had managed to suspend herself magically on 5 inch cactus tines on a 4 foot tall beast of a thing. I don't know how it happened. It looked like she was placed there by crane. It was a bitch to get her down. It was hours of baby on the kitchen table, dosed strongly with Benadryl. A pair of tweezers and a magnifying glass. Poor baby. Cactus and I are no longer friends. It tried to eat my daughter.

 The back yard has a sturdy lawn with different grasses to cover the sun only and shade only areas. Watering is handled via sprinkler systems on a timer. I LOVE the timer. I SUCK at programming it. We have had a few deaths along my learning curve. I've had to kill a mature and gorgeous honeysuckle. It was full of wasp nests. The largest I saw was the size of a paper plate. I was stung. I got very sick. Taking antihistimines along with my regular medications....18 hours of sleep...bad idea. The honey suckle had to go. I was really sad, it was pretty. Rotted fencing. A sturdy and full attitude palm tree stands proudly. The pompous grass had to go. Several blank palates have been looking at me for a year. I have planted marigolds that are happy and hearty and are taking over. I am letting them supplement the soil. Little rotted plant matter build up.

I know soil changes like this aren't fast. I am waiting, sort of. I am no good at patience. I want the 30 minute improvement, just like TV. No such luck. I am not spending an arm and a leg for that. Yards don't handle such grand overhauls well. Lots of things can become mulch for their neighbors, but not everything survives planting.

I am trimming the palm in back. Little at a time. The leaves will droop and touch you as you pass. I cut those down, and trim up the trunk. I have tackled the soil in the bed next it. Marigolds. A jasmine which seems determined to stay. Roses in different places that are all going to relocate to the corner and become a rose garden with a bench. The bird bath is living in the middle of the bulb garden. There are two gloriously tall junipers that I have trimmed up from the bottom so it is safe to walk past them.

This week I started with a brick garden box by the front door. Has a yucca (going) some ivy (going) and two roses (relocating). I have discovered a succulent garden thought process. Little clusters of this and that. They are water wise. They are green and don't try to skewer you. I also have a strawberry pot that just doesn't like to hold plants. It's future destiny is a Fairy High Rise.

Things CAN change. Things can GROW. Things can become more than what they are. Yes, they can fail. I prefer to consider these failures as fruit for the survivors. Alright. lets get dirty.

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